Hire the right contractor in OC

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What’s the first thing you do when you want to make repairs around the house? Maybe ask a friend or relative if they recommend someone? Perhaps your work colleagues if they live in the same Orange County area as you do? Hiring contractor is tough, but hopefully we can help you make the right decision…. Read more »

How to plan for home improvements in Orange County, CA

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Are you in the market for home improvements in San Juan Capistrano? Sometimes, we have to face the fact that making structural changes to our homes does not come cheaply. From painting, wall repairs, roof repairs or gutter replacements; it all costs money. In this posts we want to share some tips on steps to… Read more »

Home repairs in San Juan Capistrano needed

Home reepairs in San Juan Capistrano

Why you should stop ignoring needed home repairs in San Juan Capistrano You may not know you have home repairs needed in your home. Like writing a paper and editing it one hundred times, eventually it’s easy to miss things. Or say, you start preparing for an event and double and triple checking everything only… Read more »

Low water pressure in your shower?

Fix low water pressure in your shower

What causes low water pressure in your shower? There are several reasons why you might be experiencing low water pressure in your shower. It may not necessarily be a huge plumbing emergency, but standing in your shower as water barely trickles down is still frustrating. It takes up time from your morning routine and can… Read more »

Gas Leak Smells: The Scent of Danger

Common Ways the Rotten Egg Smell Can cause you harm We use gas for many of our household appliances. We use it to warm our homes in San Juan Capistrano for the cold winters, heat frozen showers into hot sanctuaries and cook delicious soup. Unfortunately, gas leak smells can be fatal even though it is… Read more »

Toilet Sounds: What do they mean?

OC Toilet Repairs ghost flushing hissing or whistling sound

Toilets are something we use everyday, making it a critical item that we always need to be functioning properly. Thankfully, we get subtle and sometimes massive indicators when there is an issue with our toilets and this is usually in the form of various toilet sounds, but what do these noises mean and how serious… Read more »

How to fix things around the house

how to paint your new fence installation in Orange County

So your house is starting to look like it’s been chewed up by chipmunks with broken light bulbs left and right, squeaky windows and doors, rusting kitchen faucets, and door handles which friends now point out as home accents you could do without. Even the beautiful architecture of San Juan Capistrano with it’s lush landscaping… Read more »

Clogged Kitchen Sink: Easy to Clog, Hard to Fix

The kitchen is a magical place where memories are made over home-cooked meals. This is where your son first learned how to poach an egg, uncle Ben accidentally burnt the Thanksgiving turkey and grandma dropped the birthday cake. Unfortunately, it’s also the place where there could easily be a clogged kitchen sink. Most people aren’t… Read more »

My contractor yelp reviews in OC are real

You can find reviews everywhere now-a-days Speaking from personal experience, we see reviews for everything. From how cold, tipid or hot someone’s coffee was to how cold an ice skating rink is. Sometimes the things we review are hard to believe, but hey, we’re not judging. However, when it comes down to your construction project… Read more »

Contractors are too expensive in Orange County

Myth: Orange County contractors are too expensive Alright, this one is a tough one. Not because it’s true. Actually, it’s completely false. There is a lot that goes into any construction project. Imagine all the hard work and people working endless hours to make your favorite iPhone or Android devices. It really takes a lot…. Read more »